JLS grateful for not winning the X Factor

The band think coming second has worked best for them

They were devastated when they found out they were beat by Alexandra Burke to be crowned X Factor winner on 2008, but soon JLS realised being runner ups was not a bad thing.

"In the hour after the result and the show ending, we got together, knocked on Simon's dressing-room door and begged him to sign us. He wouldn't because his policy was only to sign the winner" said Aston Merrygold to the Mail on Sunday.

"We had to pick ourselves up and look around the business and make our own deal with a record company. Looking back, it was the best thing that could have happened."

The band admitted they were hungry to do their music, and soon realised that if they wanted to make it they had to work 24/7.

"This isn't a band, it's a business" added Marvin "It's our business and each of us works at it 24/7. That's the deal. None of us is stupid, each of us knows it could all end tomorrow so we have to maximise what we have when we have it."