JLS start blogging

The band have been taking it in turns to share their excitement at playing Michael Jackson's tribute

JLS have started blogging on their official site.

It was Aston's turn today and he wrote about the excitement of playing the Michael Jackson's tribute concert this Saturday and being star-struck at meeting the Jackson family.

"...last night we were rehearsing with a live band for a show called the MJ forever concert… And in walks the actual Jacksons!!!! Now I’m not someone to get star struck but HOLD ON! I looked at the boys and I was baffed (sic)!!! I thought it was a joke.. Then u heard ‘JLS what’s ups fellas’ (still baffed at this point) I’m thinking how do you no who we are! But they new it all was CRAZY! No doubt some of the coolest guys u will ever meet in your life! Still actually smiling this morning whilst writing this! Anyway time for some work : D".

JLS' blog can be read on the band's official site, www.jlsofficial.com