JLS promise movie surprise

The JLS boys are busy preparing for a new single, a summer tour and the launch of their 3D movie.

And they've got a few surprises up their sleeve when it comes to the film.

"Yeah, it's basically about the recent ‘Outta This World’ tour and there’s some sneaky little bits backstage, in the bars, out partying, so you get to see what it’s like in the world of JLS. And it’s only out for one day as well, so it’s a very important day on June 3rd."

But why is out for just one day?

The boys told us "We just want it to be an event, something special, something everyone can watch at the same time all the way around the country and we’re gonna be appearing somewhere, we don’t know where yet, but at someone's cinema.”

You can find out more about the new JLS single here.