Joshua Radin chats to Heart

Joshua Radin got his first big break came when friend and filmmaker Zach Braff placed his track ‘Winter’ in his hit TV show Scrubs!  

Since then his melancholy anthems for the heartbroken and dispossessed have appeared in Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, House and 90210.

But it’s the song 'I’d Rather Be With You' that got the world talking – Josh wrote this when he was heart broken and trying to win back his ex-girlfriend!

He counts Ellen De Generes, Zach of course, Katherine Heigl and Heroes star Hayden Panettiere…who stars in the video for his single 'I’d Rather Be With You'

Heart's Showbiz Editor Jo Parkerson has been chatting to Josh and starts by asking how the song came about.

Joshua Radin chats to Heart