Katy Perry Unleashes Her First Makeup Collection And We Want ALL Of It

Katy Perry new makeup range with Cover Girl

The 31-year-old superstar never has a hair out place, so it was only a matter of time before a major makeup brand signed her up for a cosmetics launch...

The 'Fireworks' singer is one of the most colourful and entertaining performers currently owning the music scene.

The raven-haired beauty loves to reinvent her look time and time again and us mere mortals all desperate for a piece of the action too!

Thank goodness then that the pop princess has just unveiled a BRAND NEW LINE of lipsticks in 13 luscious colours, guaranteed to give you a totally kissable pout. 

Katy Perry and friends at Coachella

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Although she confesses to red being her classic go-to colour, Katy also quotes Social Media site Tumblr as a great source for her inspiration for the colours. 

"I follow really cool people that are just being themselves, and then I start to follow their friends. I’m a bit of a voyeur because no one really knows I’m watching their lives." she tells 'Vogue' magazine. 

Katy Perry selfie

Fans can get their mitts on the collection from July 2016. See you at the counter!