Michael Buble "bored" of setlist

Michael Buble's revealed that he's sick of playing the same songs over and over.

He was talking to his fans via UStream in a 30-minute webchat and was asked whether he gets bored of his set list.

"Yes I do as a matter of fact. The song that bores me most is Home."

"I have to get myself into it and a lot of times I dedicate it to the special forces and the troops because it allows me some resonance because it means something to me. I know these men and women have given so much for the country so it allows me to get into it."

Michael went on to reveal, however, that if he has to sing 'Home' in a sound check situation he loses all of his enthusiasm.

"[mumbles] Another summer day, has come and gone away...and I'm changing all the words and being dirty and stuff [laughs]."