Michael Buble funds campaign to catch Vancouver rioters

The singer is paying for an ad to identify those behind violent incident

Bublé was brought up in Vancouver and still lives there when he's not touring around the world.

The singer was shocked when an ice hockey game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins turned into a riot in the Canadian city.

Bublé, a huge ice hockey fan, had been to see the game, in which the Canucks lost, and was heading to the airport at the time. His mother, grandmother and other relatives were caught in the middle of the riots and had to stay in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre where they'd just been to see the musical Wicked.

"They were traumatised" said the 34-year-old to Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail "They weren't allowed to go into the lobby because they were worried people were going to break the windows."

"I’m disgusted by what the rioters did to the city. I’m disgusted by how they made us look" said Bublé, who has financed a newspaper ad to try to identify those who started the fights “It’s easy to sit back and complain. Let’s do something about it"

“We have to continue to circulate the faces and names of those guilty parties. Let’s get them lots of publicity so that the police can make some arrests — and so we can give them a very, very special round of applause" he concluded.


The riots have also become infamous for this picture of Scott Jones and girlfriend Alex Thomas. They were snapped kissing on the ground while surrounded by riot police.

Turns out they didn't elect to smooch on the street, they had actually been knocked over and Scott was just reassuring his girlfriend.