Michael Bublé to duet with Robbie?

Michael Bublé admits he'd love to do a duet with Robbie Williams in exclusive interview with Heart

In an exclusive interview with Heart , Michael Bublé has told presenter Nick Snaith he'd love to do a duet with Robbie Williams.

Whilst talking about the meaning of his song "Hollywood" and his few celebrity friends, the Canadian musician said that he'd met Robbie a few times and that "he's one of the best: a humble, warm, wonderful guy".

Bublé said that he appreciate the fact that Robbie is not afraid of showing that "he's insecure like the all of us, he's a human being, but when he gets up there (on stage) he becomes Robbie".

The "Hollywood" singer added that Robbie is one of the best entertainers alive and that he would love to do a duet with with Williams.

"He calls me The Governor" said Buble', "but the truth is he's the Chairman. Actually if I could do one duet it'd be with Robbie".

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