Michael Buble releases 'photo book'

Michael tells Heart what he talks about in his new book as well as his apparent likeness to a pig!

The multi-million selling singer and ladies favourite has just released a new book called "Onstage, Offstage".

We asked Michael to explain a bit more about it and how he first reacted to the idea of releasing a photo book...

"I said thank you, but no. But they [management] said there's other companies and other people that are going to put their own picture books out whether you like it or not."

"So what I did was make it very light, as a way for me to connect with fans and for the ones that wonder where I came from and what I’m thinking and who I am, this is a nice little look into that."

Despite being sceptical at first Michael warmed to the idea and told us that he speaks the truth and is happy with the overall outcome.

"I’m pretty honest, it’s not like some heavy tale or anything, I’m proud of it."

Michael goes on to reveal what he talks about in his book, but this one is definitely best when you listen to it.

michael buble's book