What's on Michael Buble's plate?

Find out what foods Michael calls 'happiness' as he talks honestly about his physique.

Michael's been taking some time out recently after a 2-year world tour and it's fair to say the tabloids have been frequently snapping Mr Buble on holiday and commenting about his physique and appearance.

Being the honest guy that he is, Michael gave us the lowdown on his diet and his love of food and we love him even more for it.

"I've never had an ab in my life, I have abs probably, somewhere, underneath."

"I love to eat, I don’t like good food, I don’t like carrots or things like Brussels sprouts, I like a double quarter-pounder with cheese. I really do. To me, a grilled cheese sandwich or bangers and mash, that is happiness."

Michael went on to describe his thought process when he gets told he has to appear on TV or go for a photocall.

"I’m like [groans] Oh I gotta go to the stupid gym and stupid workout and eat stupid carrots and stupid brussel sprouts. But once that’s over I’ll be drinking again and eating cold pizza in the morning."