Katherine Jackson to miss London premiere

Katherine Jackson has cancelled her appearance at the World Premiere of Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon on 2nd November.

Michael's mum will remain in Los Angeles for the closing stages of the trial of Dr Conrad Murray, accused of the involuntary manslaughter of her son in 2009.

The World Premiere event will go-ahead with Michael's brother Tito, sister Rebbie and producer David Gest.

The trio will answer questions submitted by Michael Jackson fans in a global live Q&A to launch the movie about the pop icon's life.

Katherine Jackson has issued the following statement:

Katherine Jackson said, "I am very sorry that I cannot attend the World Premiere in London of a film I so strongly believe in, Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon. Due to the verdict in the trial of Dr Conrad Murray possibly being at that time, I want to be present in the court room for reasons I am sure everyone in the world will understand.

"David Gest, who was one of Michael’s closest life-long friends, has done a brilliant job in enlightening people to who the real Michael Jackson was. This movie is a true vindication of my son and some of the terrible things that he was put through in his life. I hope people will watch this film and understand more."