Kristen Stewart: "Twilight left me exhausted"

Filming took it out of her and made her go home 'grumbling'.

The 21 year-old actress stars alongside Robert Pattinson in the romantic thrillers but she's said the franchise now "feels finished".

She told Closer: "The last day of filming didn't feel very climactic in the end. Everyone was tired and we all just sort of went home grumbling."

"It's weird not to be waiting to go back and do another film, but at the same time it feels finished. So it's sad, but not sad."

She also went on to criticise some of the props she had to wear. "I'm not going to miss wearing those stupid brown contact lenses. They really sucked. They were so painful because they were so tight. I didn't like wearing them at all."

Fan's excitement is growing for the penultimate film, which comes out November 18th.