Nicole's splitting interview

Scherzinger shows off her incredibly flexible body in photoshoot and opens up about love and the X Factor. See the photos below!

Nicole Scherzinger shows off what she's made of in a gym-tastic photoshoot for UK InStyle.

The star can be seen doing the splits, proving that her flexibility is all hers.

In the interview with the magazine, Nicole opens up about her relationship with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The pair have just celebrated their three years anniversary with Nicole flying to Monaco to be with her man on.
“I can’t tell you how happy I am to be going to see him,” she beams. “Just seeing him is enough of a celebration. And it’s in Monaco, where it all began; at the race where we started dating; possibly one of the most romantic places on earth.”

The singer also spoke about the US X Factor and the controversy surrounding Cheryl Cole's departure.
"She's lovely" said Nicole "We really relate – we both find it very hard to say ‘No’ to the contestants; we both go at it from the same place; we both give heartfelt and constructive criticism"

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  Images courtesy of InStyle