Pixie Lott on her X-Factor time

Pixie Lott has been telling us about her time on the X Factor judging panel.

Simon Cowell personally chose her to be one of the guest judges after she impressed him performing live on Britain’s Got Talent!

Pixie says it was hard criticising the X Factor hopefuls!

Pixie on being a judge

Pixie says she got very well with Simon and would like to do more….but she does hope Cheryl get’s better…honest!

Get well Cheryl

She's only been on the pop scene for a year but already has two  number one singles under her belt and now Hollywood is beckoning!

She's already done Nickelodeon movie Fred alongside John Cena snd is about to start filming ‘Sweet Baby Jesus’ with Kim Cattrell and Bette Midler. Pixie has given us a list of her ideal leading men!!!

Pixie's perfect leading men