Scissors Sisters

Birth Name: Jake Shears (born Jason Sellards), Ana Matronic (Ana Lynch), Baby Daddy (Scott Hoffman), Del Marquis (Derek Gruen), Randy Real (Randy Schrager)
Date of Birth: 03/10/78, 14/08/74, 01/09/1976, 31/08/77
Place of Birth: USA
Career Highlights: Their hero Elton John co-wrote two songs with them, "Intermission2 and "I don't feel like dancing", with the latter reaching the number one spot in the UK single charts and staying there for four weeks. 2004 album Scissors Sisters and 2006 Ta-Dah both reached number 1 in the UK.
Highest Charting Singles Include: "I don't feel like dancin" peaked at number 1

Key Facts:

  • They met on the gay club scene in New York
  • Are better known and more successful in the UK than in their native America 
  • Love dressing up and have flamboyant stage costumes


Take Your Mama Fire with Fire              
Laura Mary
I don't feel like dancin' Filthy/Gorgeous



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