Sharleen Spiteri


Birth name: Sharleen Eugene Spiteri
Date of birth: 7 November 1967
Place of birth: Bellshill, Glasgow
Career highlights: Selling over one and a half million copies of White on Blonde with Texas, releasing solo album 'Melody

Recommended Tracks:


All the Times I Cried It Was You
Don't Keep Me Waiting Say What You Want
Melody Halo

Key Facts:

  • With Texas, Sharleen had 13 top ten hits including 'Say What You Want' and 'I Don't Want A Lover'.
  • Sharleen not only wrote her album 'Melody', but produced it too so as to take in 60's soul, 50's Rock'n'Roll and doo-wop which are some of her biggest influences.
  • Sharleen's dad painted the garage with high gloss paint so she could create a chamber for recording in!
  • Sharleen has a daughter with Arena Magazine Editor Ashley Heath. Their daughter is called Misty Kyd.