Beverly Porter

'Never Forget' and the Circus tour are so special to Beverly and her family.

What's your favourite Take That song?
Never Forget

Who's your favourite Take That member?
Gary Barlow 

Tell us a story or memory about Take That
My memory of Take That was the Circus tour - taking my three daughters, the best day we ever had.

Our beloved youngest daughter Charlotte (below) tragically taken away from us 29th March 2010. Never Forget played at her funeral and on her Facebook page charlotte had Take That are god as her religion. Never Forget plays always on Heart at which time I stop to listen as do Charlotte's sisters and many friends missing her so much.

The Circus calendar still on March 2010 never to be turned another page. It was Charlotte's sisters 21st birthday last year she especially wanted the Circus umbrella - we searched the country for one as Charlotte wanted to buy this special gift for her sister - finally one was found and the best present she ever had - on Charlotte's resting place her memorial plaque has never forget inscribed - this will always be there with her.