Karin Brauner

What's favourite Take That song?: All of them!!!

Who's your favourite member of Take That?: Mark Owen!

Tell us a story or memory about Take That: I became a fan from watching the Nobody Else tour video on HBO in Guatemala, 1996. Ever since then I've followed them and moved to England in 2006, I couldn't miss the come-back tour for anything!!! That was the last straw that led me to their country! I went to the concert in Milton Keynes, I'd never been on a train in my life, but 3 weeks after arriving, I ventured out and saw them!!! I also met Gary at his book signings in Essex in 2006, I gave him a little Guatemalan Doll, which I hope he still has... I've met so many lovely friends through the boys, its unbelievable!!! such incredible and talented guys, it's not only music and 4-5 guys dancing and singing, Take That is soooo much more!!!! I hope I can meet them soon :D (my birthday is 19th july, ahem ahem).