Louise Buckley

Louise has travelled miles to get Take That pictures but her mum is more famous than she is.

What's your favourite Take That song?
Never Forget

Who's your favourite Take That member?

Tell us a story or memory about Take That
Pretty much the majority of my life between the ages of 10 & now (29) has been dedicated to Take That. I have so many amazing memories/stories! One in particular that sticks out was when I went to see them a few times in Nov 1993 at NEC & they took a group pic on stage with the crowd behind them.

I was 3 rows back in the middle with my mum & the pic became the back page of the Panini 1994 official TT sticker album but although you could still see my mum I was covered over with a sticker box! I was devastated & my poor mum tried contacting TT & the photographer to get a copy of the original pic but no one could help her. She's often said that's her claim to fame :-(

But then when they released Take That/Take One I was over the moon to find the pic on a full page in the book - unfortunately you still can't really see me as I've got someones hand in front of my face but at least I've finally been able to get hold of a copy even though it took years & years!! I also travelled from Solihull to Oldham when I was 13 just to see Mark Owen's (parents) house. When I got there I took a pic of his front door & one of the graffiti covered back wall & left!