Nathan Turtle

What's your favourite Take That song?
Love Ain't Here Anymore

Who's your favourite Take That member?

Gary Barlow

Tell us a story or memory about Take That:
"I only really became a fan of Take That in the last 6 years because of my job. i work as an entertainer and vocalist and get to sing a lot of songs, and I find when I sing Take That songs the lyrics are so meaningful and the music is fabulous. I love the direction Take That are going because they are the leaders in fresh music and proove to everyone that age is no concern in the music industry. It means if you have it, flaunt it, and its one thing Take That are the best at. They're previous tour(The Circus) was amazing and goes to show their creativity and passion for putting on brilliant shows. Unfortunetly I couldn't get to see their current tour and I am completely gutted, but the reviews are amazing and when the DVD is released I will be first in line to buy it.

Take That are quite simply amazing, talented but over all passionate about music, not money and headlines."