Rebecca Holmes

What's favourite Take That song?: Rule The World

Who's your favourite member of Take That?:
Gary Barlow

Tell us a story or memory about Take That:
When I watched 'Take That Come To Town' in December 2008, I was adamant that I would see them on tour.

I spent the whole hour buzzing whilst watching them perform, with Rule the World giving me goose bumps. I thought the circus performers were incredible; I've always admired acrobats and their amazing skills. I loved how they were really involving the audience, showing such care about their fans and interest in them.

It's great to see such a good relationship between a band and their fans as everybody loves them! I certainly do! I tried so hard to get tickets for their Circus Tour with my family, but unfortunately due to money difficulties we were unable to, but I had kept Take That Come To Town on my Sky+ player! Until it broke unfortunately.

It seems Take That are such an inspiration, family men (such as Gary Barlow) and really down to earth and normal, not having faux personas as other celebrities. Their music is actually meaningful, with many songs relating to events or feelings at some point in my life, as I'm sure they relate to others'.

And actually liking every single song on their albums is incredible, the only band in which I love all their songs! I wanted tickets to their Progress Tour for my 18th birthday this year, which we were unable to get, along with the thousands of others who failed in their bid to get the best tickets of the year!

Looks like I'll be watching their Progress Tour DVD like I did with the Circus Tour!!