Toby Anstis

Toby has known the band for years and once had a rather late night with two of them!

What's your favourite Take That song?
Back For Good

Who's your favourite Take That?
The Take That member I reckon I've got on best with over the years is probably Robbie.

Tell us a story or memory related to Take That
I worked with them pretty much every other week back in the day when I was presenting a show called the O Zone.
Basically whenever they were on the show we added another million viewers to the ratings!

One of my stand-out memories was when they were filming the video for Everything Changes and I was on set with them. Robbie charmed all the female dancers, as you'd imagine, so afterwards Rob, Mark and I ended up taking three of them for dinner and had a rather late night out!!

Take That have always had a special chemistry and a down to earth way about them which sets them apart from the rest.


Check out Toby and Jason back in the days!
Toby Anstis