Tom Jones


Birth name: Thomas John Woodward
Date of birth: 7 June 1940
Place of birth: Wales
Career highlights: Jones enjoyed singer from an early age, but was struck down by tuberculosis at the age of 12.  He didn't let this stop him and continued to pursue his ambition to sing. Many record companies found Jones' stage presence, act, and vocal delivery too raucous and raunchy...but not for too long as his raunchy stage act became his trademark, along with his first recognised hit -  "It's Not Unusual", which Gordon Mills wrote and was an international hit.
Top music contribution: It's Not Unusual, She's a Lady and Kiss




Its not Unusual She's A Lady
What's New Pussycat Kiss
Delilah Green Green Grass Of Home

Key Facts:

  • Tom Jones regularly sang at family gatherings, weddings, and in his school choir.
  • In March 1957, Jones married his high school girlfriend, Melinda Trenchard. The couple had a son named Mark, who was born the month following their wedding.
  • Jones took a job working in a glove factory and later toiled in construction.
  • Jones became the frontman for Tommy Scott and the Senators, a Welsh beat group, in 1963.