Full name: Carol Decker (former members: Dean Howard, Ronnie Rogers, Tim Burgess, Michael Chetwood, Paul Jackson and Taj Wyzgowski)
 Career highlights: T'Pau's 1987 album, Bridge of Spies was a best seller and won several British music industry awards.
Music contributions include: 'China in your hand', 'Heart and Soul' and 'Secret Garden'



China in your Handl Friends like these
Heart and Soul I will be with youl
Valentinel You give up

Key facts:

  • The band T'Pau formed in 1986 in Shropshire, taking their name from a Vulcan priestess by the same name in the Star Trek universe.
  • Following the release of their third album in 1991, T'Pau split up, but re-formed in 1998 with a new line up.
  • Carol Decker still performs solo as T'Pau