30 years of the BRITs

The BRIT Awards has reached a milestone birthday, and are celebrating 30 years.

With artist like Kylie, The Bee Gees, Eurythmics, The Spice Girls, Bros, Paul McCartney, Take That, Robbie Williams, Girls Aloud and of course Michael Jackson gracing the BRITs stage it is only fitting that this year the BRITs in celebration of their 30 years announces their new award - the Most Memorable BRITs Performance of 30 years.

The public will get to choose, the winner. TV audiences will be asked to vote for their favourite performance by going to itv.com/brits or gm.tv up until February 5th when the voting window will close.

Do you have any BRIT moments to share? Do you have a favourite BRITs performance or presenter?  Share your memories with us below: