The BRIT Awards are next Tuesday

This year the winners will receive a Brit award statuette designed by Sir Peter Blake who designed the album cover for The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Here are some Brit Awards Facts from the Metro Newspaper
·      1000 meals will be served
·      60 chefs will prepare the food
·      600 waiters will serve the meals
·      3000 eggs wukk be used
·      2500kg of lamb will be cooked
·      5500kg of ice will keep drinks cool
·      60 lorries will carry the equipment
·      7500 square metres of red carpet will be rolled out
·      1000m of barriers will be put up
·      11.5km (or 7.1 miles) of cabling set up (5 times the length of Oxford Street)
Goodie Bags:
·      Coach Designer Bag
·      Yaelle scarves
·      Agent Provocateur Perfume
·      Hugo Boss Aftershave
·      Groove Tube Puzzle Game
·      French Connection Shopping Spree
·      Poloroid Sunglasses
·      iPod / iPad Covers