WATCH: This Dog's Reaction To Owner's Beautiful Bowie Tribute Is Priceless

12 July 2017, 12:51

WATCH: This Dog's Reaction To Owner's Beautiful Bo

This might just be the cutest thing on the internet right now.

It's been 48 years since the late music legend, David Bowie, released Space Oddity and it means as much to us now as it did back then. 

Nowadays, bands often cover the track in an attempt to recreate Bowie's genius but they never quite live up to the standard of the legend himself. 

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However, despite his passing back in January 2016, his music lives on. 

One pet owner decided to cover the timeless song on his acoustic guitar, turning the pop song into a beautiful ballad, and played it to his dog, Maple. 

And what happens next will melt your heart - it's a must watch video. 

Be sure to catch the moment for yourself.