Nathan Sykes' Incredibly Romantic Video For 'Famous' Is Making Hearts Melt!

Nathan Sykes - Famous


Get ready for a loved-up mix of Nicholas Sparks movies and 1950s fashion in Nathan's brilliant new 'Famous' music video...

Looking for a dose of old school romance? 

Well, look no further than Nathan Sykes' new music video for his track 'Famous', which he has released early for his dedicated fans!

The video shows Nathan in full 1950s Hollywood star get-up alongside a very beautiful blonde, who he's obviously smitten with. However, she's in a slightly dodgy relationship with a top movie director... it reminds us of 'The Notebook' without the weepy ending! 

Nathan is just 23-years-old but he's already smashing it in the pop music charts. He started his career in boyband 'The Wanted', but now he's doing his own thing and making fantastic music videos to boot!

Take a look at Nathan's video for 'Over and Over Again' below...

Go on, admit it! The 'Famous' music video made you feel all romantic didn't it?!