This Is What Happens When You Replace Song Lyrics With Hugh Grant's Name

Hugh Grant

We all love a bit of a sing-song and what makes our favourite tunes just that little bit better? Replacing song lyrics with 'Hugh' that's what. 

You're right, it does sound a bit mad. You're probably thinking 'Hugh must be joking!' but we're not. 

A Twitter account @some1likehugh has taken it upon themselves to publish these hilarious takes on pop classics and they are fantastic.

After you've read these you'll be listening to Heart radio, singing along to the 'Hugh Grant' lyrics! Trust us on this one it will have you in stitches.

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Yes Hugh, yes we do:


Hugh Grant channels Beyoncé


Katy Perry inspires the English actor: 


We don't think Hugh's featured in any Disney films yet...


Because Hugh's milkshake brings all boys to the yard:


Hugh's always been a bit of a romantic:


Because Barbie's always a fave:


Shakira, Shakira: 


That trusty 'Toy Story' theme tune:


For when Hugh likes to get out of the city:


No one can resist a bit of ABBA:


We hope Hugh've enjoyed this!