Is Dancing on Ice’s Saara Aalto set to become the fifth SPICE GIRL?

19 January 2019, 11:17

Dancing On Ice - Photocall
Dancing On Ice - Photocall. Picture: Getty

The Finnish pop star has been offered a spot alongside Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner on their upcoming tour

Dancing on Ice contestant Saara Aalto has reportedly been offered Victoria Beckham’s spot in the Spice Girls.

The Finnish Eurovision star sat down with Melanie C backstage in Finland to talk music when she asked Sporty Spice: “I was thinking, could I be the sixth Spice Girl?”

Mel C replied: “You can be the fifth one if you want. Well, there’s always room for another great singer. I can say that.”

Later speaking to The Sun, Saara revealed: “They want to have a fifth member for the tour. I was like, ‘Is this a real question?’ It’s insane!”

“She said there’s room for someone who can really sing. I just thought it was incredible she said that.”

She added: “Posh was my favourite Spice Girl but she didn’t have that many lines to sing.”

The 31-year-old Spice superfan credits the iconic 90s girlband for kickstarting both her passion and her career.

She told Melanie Chisholm: “When I was 10 years old, I saw you performing ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and I was like, okay, that’s what I want to do. That’s what I want to be.

“At that moment I decided to have my own girl band. I called my friend and I was like, ‘Do you want to join my girl band? Let’s do some songs in English'. I learnt how to make backing tracks with the computer and that’s how I started writing music – because of you!”

Not only does she have Sporty Spice’s approval but Ginger Spice Geri Horner has written a song for her forthcoming album, too.

Saara added: “That is even crazier. Geri wrote it and she wants me to sing it. I am also hoping to write new music with her soon because she is so exciting and bubbly.”

Looks like your dream could be coming true, Saara!