Planes are soon to have kids play and napping areas on board


By Alice Westoby

Long haul flights are about to get a lot more bearable.

Aeroplane designer Airbus is planning on seriously pimping up their aircraft!

The company has teamed up with Zodiac Aerospace to mock up some nifty designs which include special on board napping areas and kids play areas.

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Picture: Airbus

These specially designed modules will be rolling out on Airbus A330 from 2020 and head of Airbuses Cabin & Cargo Programme, Geoff Pinner, said: “This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort.


The modules will fit inside the aircrafts cargo compartments and have been designed so they can be swapped with regular cargo containers at airports.

Other ideas in the works for this new level of comfort on flights include a TV room, conference room and medical centre.

Heathrow to Perth

Australian airline Qantas, who recently made headlines for their non-stop flight from London to Perth, have also announced their potential plans to seat some passengers in the hold for the 17 hour flight along with an exercise area.

What do you think of this new style of flying?