The new 'Q' named for Bond film

English actor Ben Whishaw will play the role of 'super-geek' Q in the upcoming 'Skyfall' film.

The 31-year old will be the youngest actor to play the MI6 gadget master and will follow in the footsteps of the likes Desmond Llewelyn and John Cleese.

Ben has already experienced life on-screen with Daniel Craig, with the pair both featuring in the 2004 thriller 'Layer Cake'.

Whilst not an A-list name, Whishaw is regarded by many to be one of the more gifted actors of his generation and this opportunity is likely to open other doors for the Englishman who recently appeared in the TV series 'The Hour'.

Meanwhile, Skyfall is currently being filmed and will be released in October 2012.

You can watch some classic 'Q' gadgets from previous bond movies below: