The 'Milk Tray Man' Is BACK! Meet The Hunky Ex-Fireman Breaking Hearts In Thrilling New Advert

The Return of the Milk Tray Man (90 secs)


Hunky local Patrick McBride made his debut as Cadbury's spy hero in an action-packed new advert this weekend.

A chopper flies across the night sky and a man dressed in black jumps out over the Altai Mountains before soaring across the landscapes of the  Mongolian Steppe.

Viewers of 'The X Factor' would have been forgiven for thinking the new 90 second Milk Tray advert was a trailer for the new James Bond film,  as Cadbury marked the return of their iconic hero after 14 years on Saturday night.

If like us, you found yourself drooling over the leading male, then you might be surprised to know that actor Patrick McBride isn't some glossy Hollywood actor.

In fact, just a few months ago the Liverpool resident was a local fire fighter, who was awarded the coveted role over 20,000 other hopefuls who auditioned for the part and he's GORGEOUS!

Nominated by his wife, the 39-year-old father-of-one is set to seal hearts across the country. 

Speaking on the role, Patrick gushed: “I loved the whole experience of creating the advert, from hearing about the initial ideas to going to Mongolia and filming the ad itself. And as always I got to eat some of my favourite delicious Cadbury Milk Tray – another perk of the job!”

The new re-working of the campaign cost a whopping £3 million, and culminates with the hunky hero delivering the famous Milk Tray box to an exotic yurt in time honoured tradition with the tagline 'All because the lady loves Cadbury Milk Tray.'

The catchy slogan became known across households and is one of the most iconic campaigns in British advertising.

Six men have played the role over the years, from Gary Meyers in 1968 through to Ben Porter when the ads came to an end in 2003.