Nigella Sends Fans Into Meltdown With The Most INCREDIBLE Pun Of 2017

13 December 2017, 08:27

Nigella Quackling

By Naomi Berners

It's official, Nigella wins.

Celebrity chef Nigella was teaching us the joys of Christmas cooking last night.

Kicking things off with a cheeky Vodka Martini, Nigella talked us through how 'enjoyable' it is to whip up a festive feast for our loved ones, but viewers were left most impressed with her epic pun whilst preparing duck:

In her, smooth, calm way, Nigella explained how to make the perfect duck, and effortlessly dripped the mother of all puns into her instructions.

Here we are, taking note, making sure that this time we steam roast our duck rather than boil, because it creates delicate shards of quackling...

Sorry, did we just hear right?


Are you telling us that crackling on a duck is quacking?!?!


It didn't take long before a tirade of impressed twitter users took to social media in admiration of Nigella's subtle yet incredible pun: 

The seductive chef has had huge success with her cooking series 'Nigella: At My Table' and the Christmas special saw her hunker down in a cosy cabin in the countryside, whilst showing us just how chilled we should all be whilst preparing the ultimate Christmas dinner for friends and family.

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We're thinking that we might have to roll our sleeves up and prepare a duck this Christmas after all, just so we can use "quackling" when explaining our dish to impressed family members!

Although - we're pretty sure we'd get in a bit of a 'flap' having to cook for so many people!