Oxford Union Want Taylor Swift To Be A Guest Speaker And Her Invitation Is Brilliant!

Oxford Union - Shake It Off


Oxford Union has hosted a whole range of celebrity guest speakers such as Morgan Freeman and Sir Ian McKellen and now they want Taylor Swift. This mashup is sure to get the superstar's attention!

Oxford University students put together this mashup of previous guest speakers singing the words to Taylor's number one hit 'Shake It Off'. 

Stephen Fry, Sir Ian McKellen, Malala Yousafza, Morgan Freeman, Diane Kruger and even Psy feature in the video - and we think it's brilliant!

Oxfrod Union guest speakers Psy, Diane Kruger and Morgan Freeman.

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Celebrity speakers who have seen it have taken to twitter to voice their appreciation:

Malala Fund thinks it's great: 

And Piers Morgan tweeted: 

Lets hope Taylor hears their plea!

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