Peter Andre's Kids Have Taken His REAL Last Name And It's Not What We Thought

Peter Andre and fiancée Emily MacDonagh

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer has revealed that his wife and kids don't share the name Andre.

Peter Andre's children have taken his original surname.

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer has revealed that his wife Emily, their daughter Amelia and newborn son Theodore James all have his original family moniker Andrèa as their last name. 

Discussing her new baby boy Theodore’s surname, Emily told OK! Magazine that it was Andréa, adding: “It’s on all the children’s birth certificates and is now my surname.”

The news comes after the couple unveiled gorgeous new photos of their baby three weeks after welcoming him into the world.

Their bouncing baby boy, named Theodore James Andreá, was born on November 22 weighing just 6lbs and 10oz after being born via C-Section three weeks ahead of his due date. 

During an exclusive interview for OK! Magazine, Emily revealed the "dangerous" risks involved had she not gone ahead with a caesarian and while she was upset about the change in plan, she knew the baby's health came first. 

She said: "I was so upset that I had to have a Caesarean, but it was too dangerous not to."

"The birth did not go to plan. I was having regular Braxton Hicks from 20 weeks onwards and I was told at my 34-week check that he was breech."

"Then, after being a good size, I was told his weight had dropped right down. I was really worried so we went straight down to Taunton on November 14 to stay with my parents. By then I was having Braxton Hicks all the time."

Speaking on the newest member of their family, Pete admitted he "bawled his eyes out" during the birth and thinks his little boy is his döppleganger.

Pete, 43, told the publication: ‘I was bawling my eyes out at the birth – it was my dream to have another boy.’

"Unfortunately for him, he’s 100 percent me but with blue eyes.’ He’s beautiful. 

"He’s my mini-me, he loves his food like me, he’s got my dark features, but he’s the only one of my kids without dimples."

The news comes a week after the couple finally settled on a name for their newborn son. 

Taking to twitter, the Mysterious Girl singer announced: "Theo it is then Or Theodore James Andre (a) To be precise ;)"

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Peter Andre has talked about how his other children, Junior and Princess and Amelia, have "hated" all the names he's wanted to name his newborn son, until now. 

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer, who welcomed his fourth child with wife Emily in November, revealed his top choices for names during a conversation with a fan on Twitter.

Asked by one user if he had any names in mind, he replied: "@Rhiannawoodham loving so many names 
Theo (Theodore) 
Benjamin. All the other ones I loved the kids don't like haha" 

The change in tactic comes after the couple, who chose to keep the gender of their baby boy a surprise unit the big day, said the names Oliver was  in the lead as their favourite along with Oscar, Arthur, Max and James.


However, they said they would not pick a winner until they met the new addition to the family. 


Look who I saw baking a cake this morn :))) Lucky me

A photo posted by Peter Andre (@peterandre) onSep 30, 2016 at 2:11am PDT


In a glossy photoshoot for OK! Magazine, Peter said: “I’ve been quite open about (wanting a traditional name).

“For a girl, I’ve always loved Elizabeth, Mary, Rose and Olivia.

“For boys I like Oscar, Arthur, Max and James. They are strong and James is my middle name.”



Happy Birthday Emily A Love u

A photo posted by Peter Andre (@peterandre) onAug 16, 2016 at 9:00am PDT


Something tells us that the couple will think long and hard about the name, as they took three weeks to decide what to call their daughter Amelia when she was born. 

This time around, the couple are hoping it won't take as long to name the new baby, but they are determined to make the right choice.

Peter added: “The same thing might happen this time. We have no idea what the baby is going to look like until they arrive.”

The more traditional choice of names is stark in comparison to the name of Peter's eight-year-old daughter Princess and son Junior, 10, from his past marriage to Katie Price.