Prince Harry worried about finding love

In his most honest interview yet, Harry talked openly about him and his brother Prince William saying “There’s a lot of times that both myself and my brother wish, obviously, that we were just completely normal".

In the minute interview with CBS, when talking about marriage the Prince claimed  "I’m not so much searching for someone to fulfil the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone that would be willing to take it on".

When asked whether being a Prince lived up to the popular image, he smiled “No, not at all, ha ha – as any girl would ever tell you".  

"It’s sort of, ‘Oh my god, he’s a prince’. But no. The job that it entails – I mean look at me, I’m 27 years old.”

Referring to his brother, Prince William, Harry went on to say that “We are very privileged in the position that we are, but, you know, with privilege comes great responsibility is what they say".  

"And the title that we have before our name, what effect that can have on a country on a charity or whatever.  We are slowly coming to terms with and accepting the fact that the name can make a huge difference therefore, you know, you’ve got to use it.”

He told of how the work of his mother had inspired him to support charities for the poor and the sick, which lead to him starting up a charity of his own in 2006.

'Sentebale', which he co-founded with Prince Seesio of Leotho in 2006, is his great passion. 

"Sentebale means ‘forget me not’ for the simple case of not forgetting the children and also not forgetting our mothers who both Prince Seeiso and I lost at a fairly young age.”

The interview has come at the end of the end of his royal tour to Latin America to launch the Queen's Diamond Jubliee celebrations.

By the looks of it, Harry is not short of beautiful women introducing themselves to him. 

On the ten day tour, ladies included a 'Victoria Secret' model and Miss Bahamas.

So we say chin up Harry… Miss Right is out there for you, you might just have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Princess!