Prince Harry reads Pippa's book to Army pals

Prince Harry has been entertaining his friends in the Army by reading out passages from Pippa Middleton's new book. Find out more…

The 28-year-old Prince was sent a copy of Celebrate - a guide to party hosting - by Kate's sister, and his friends can't resist joking that he'll end up marrying her.

'Harry’s the subject of lots of banter,' a source told the Sun. 'Everyone winds him up about Pippa.

'They take the mickey out of their friendship by calling her his "wifey in the making",' explained the source. 'Harry loves a good joke, even if it’s about him.

'He couldn’t resist reading chapters out loud,' continued the insider. 'It’s raised morale and caused some much-needed cheer.'

Pippa's book is clearly a hit with the Royal family. Harry's stepmum Camilla has reportedly been using the £25 guide herself!