More Stars Join Prince Harry In Revealing Their Secrets For World AIDS Day

A string of celebs are joining Prince Harry in unveiling their deepest darkest confessions as part of a campaign run by his charity, Sentebale.

Nicole Scherzinger, Jools Holland, Paloma Faith, Joss Stone and Ricky Hatton are among the stars joining Prince Harry in confessing their deepest fears as part of the #feelnoshame campaign for World AIDS Day.

The A-listers named above are just a handful of celebrities who are revealing their 'darkest secrets' in a string of videos posted online to raise awareness for Harry's charity, Sentebale.

But whilst Nicole Scherzinger admitted that sometimes she doesn't "feel enough and doesn't fit in" alongside Paloma Faith, who candidly spoke about her insecurities, it was felt that a few of the stars' revelations weren't quite brave enough considering the cause the campaign is supporting.

Encouraging people to #feelnoshame in what was reported to be a heartfelt batch of touching confessions, celebs joked that they had never watched Star Wars, used professional cleaners and were afraid of cats whilst laughing along to their revelations - and that they should be 'ashamed' of these facts. 

Prince Harry delved a little deeper, explaining that he often feels "incredibly nervous" in front of large crowds and while it may come as a surprise to some, it's probably not the kind of poignant secret we had been anticipating in the run-up to the video's release. 

Despite bringing the conversation to the forefront, it was felt the campaign was a little insensitive and thats stars could have revealed more relevant issues given that the purpose is to eradicate the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS as well as help children in third world countries feel less isolated because of their illness. 

For a look at the campaign in more detail, plus all the videos, head to FeelNoShame.Today. and judge for yourself...