This New Twist Will Get You Watching Big Brother Again

6 June 2017, 11:33 | Updated: 6 June 2017, 11:38

Tom Barber Big Brother

By Hollie Borland

Series 18 of Big Brother has a new feature where the public got to vote someone IN to the house.

Last night, viewers got to see the new feature in action as Tom Barber entered the 'Big Brother' house after he was voted in by the public as the 'People's Housemate'. 

The 21-year-old nightclub co-owner from Swansea in South Wales was the 16th contestant to enter the famous abode in a new twist, which also sees him given the power to be the only one able to have contact with the outside world for the first time in the Channel 5 show's history. 

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Tom Barber Big Brother
Tom Barber was voted into the house by the public. Picture | Channel 5

Explaining the new rules, a 'Big Brother' spokesperson said: "There will be one final housemate position up for grabs which will be decided by the public in tonight's live launch, from a selection of candidates. 

"The lucky housemate voted in by the public will become the People's Housemate and will hold great power within the house, even having access to the outside world." 

Tom isn't afraid to splash the cash and lives a shamelessly flash lifestyle, he spends all his money on showing off in night clubs. 

The hunk will no doubt stir things up in the house as he is know for his "party boy reputation". 

Asked why he wanted to enter the house, he said: "It will be the craziest experience of my life but I want to go in there and smash it." 

He is joined by 'Ex on the Beach' regular Kayleigh Morris, model Chanelle McCleary, courier Arthur Fulford, till operator Ellie Young, student Raphel Korine, nightclub owner Joe Quaranta and 'Dreamboys' dancer Lotan Carter, plus a whole host of paired contestants. 

They are mother and daughter duo Mandy Longworth and Charlotte Keys, employer and employee Rebecca Jane and Kieran Lee, husband and wife Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed and sisters Deborah and Hannah Agboola. 

'Big Brother' returns to Channel 5 on Tuesday night from 10pm.