QUIZ: Can You Name The 90's Band Based On A Random Member?

We can generally remember the frontman or woman, but were we paying attention to the other members?!

We can all remember the classic 90's tunes that we still haven't got tired of hearing. 

Our brains have no issue in remembering every single lyric to every single song, but can we remember what the band members actually looked like?

WATCH: The Cast Of Matilda - Then And Now:

The faces behind the voices can sometimes slip from our memory - especially those who didn't front their groups - and this quiz will test just how many bands you can identify based on one random member's appearance alone!

Just look past the questionable fashion choices some of these celebrities made, and try and picture them surrounded by their other band mates!

(We blame our poor fashion decisions of the 90's on ALL of the these culprits in this quiz!)

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Shake the cobwebs from your 90's knowledge and give the quiz below a go!