If You See Red Strawberries In This Photo Your Eyes Are Tricking You

Strawberries Optical Illusion

If thought you saw juicy red strawberries, you might want to take a closer look.

We've all eaten strawberries so many times, you could probably spot their juicy red skin from anywhere right?

Well, what if we told you that the picture below wasn't actually red strawberries, they were in fact...GREY AND GREEN.

Nope, it's not debatable, like the gold and blue dress, the picture has actually been made using grey and green pixels and the red you see is just trickery of the eye.

It’s actually an example of colour constancy – whereby your brain is trying to rationalise the image.

One expert said that when you add a cyan tint to a black and white picture it shifts colours in the opposite direction.

In fact, if you take a closer look at the rectangles on the picture below you can see that they’re grey.

People have since taken to Twitter to share their findings and concluded that there are ZERO red pixels in the pictures after isolating the images using photoshop.  

Our brains are fried. What do YOU see?