Ridley Scott to reshoot Blade Runner

The three-time Oscar-nominated director is ready to re-shoot his Sci-Fi classic.

It hasn't been revealed yet whether the new chapter will be a prequel or a sequel, but an announcement is expected soon.

Scott received critical acclaim for his innovative filming techniques, many of which were groundbreaking and far ahead of their time. For a film in the 80's the special effects were very impressive.

Harrison Ford, who played the original film's leading role of Rick Deckard, won't be returning as the leading man, but don't rule out a cameo appearance. #bladerunner is currently trending on Twitter so there's been plenty of discussion.

What are your thoughts? Is a new Blade Runner installment a good idea?

blade runner
Leap of faith: Harrison leaps from a car in the original. Will he be back for a cameo?