Robbie and Gary's duet

This week we've been asking you if were looking forward to Robbie & Gary's duet? Here's a selection of your messages

(Pictured right - a Twitter pic released from the video for Shame)

Can't wait 2 hear the new song, wish them all the luck in the world with it and the reunion!!!! Keep going strong......:))

I can't wait to hear the song.
Chris James

I can't wait to hear the duet :-) I am a massive fan of you both and followed you around, for a very long time - great to see you back together :-) I am getting married tomorrow (Thurs), so if you would like to come and sing it live - your more than welcome!! (Golf Club - Wootton Bassett)  ;-) xx

I really cant wait, literaly. I am one of the biggest Take That and Robbie fans, and Gary and Robbie are the best, love them! Im really excited. Take That and Robbie are mainly my life, all I ever talk about and all I do all day is listen to their music. Brilliant, really cant wait for the next tour either. xxx

What will be the first date of your tour? Where will you start? and how long is it for?when will tickets go on sale...... all my love from kay and debs

- I can't wait to hear the new song will be listening tomorrow morning , and will be pre-ordering Robbie's new album asap , I've always been a fan of Take That and will always be , if they ever come to Escot Place in Exeter Then I'll be there for certain ., well done Robbie and Gary for doing a fab song together. Vicki

Hi Gary, My name is Michelle, I lived in Canvey Island.  You remember me you used signed my book at Lakeside Shopping centre?  My question is What is your favourite Take That's song, it doesn't matter if it is new and old ones.
PS good luck to you and the rest of the group.

- Yes can't wait too hear the new single .. sooo excited!!!.. looking forward to the tour as well...congratulations rob on your wedding you both looked stunning!! tracey & my daughters lauryn& kaitlyn.. who are big robbie & tTT fans!!!!xxxxxxxxx Tracey

- Can't wait to hear it boys your the best thing since sliced bread bring it on xxxxx

- Soooooo excited till tomorrow, Can't wait to hear there interview, love Gary Barlow so much, im glad there getting interview by Toby aswell, Toby abd Jason Donovon are my fav heart presenters, Soo excited Love Shauna and Laura xx

- Dear Gary and Robbie,
I heard that you would be on the show and I had to write in..
It's great to hear about your new duet!
I'm 15 years old and I ADORE both of your music, I play the piano to abrsm grade 7, and I would love some advice on where to go next, i'm stuck on what routes to go down in music. I'm looking at playing instuments for musicians for albums and songs. Now's the time to find out what i'm going to do!
I hope you can get back to me.
Loads of love!

- I think Take That are brilliant & sooooooooooo much better without Robbie!! Lucy

- i think its great bc i remember when the band 1st came out.they were the ultimate band then and now they have returned with a vengence.go boys a duet togetheer you,ll hit that number one in no time at all.oh and congrats robbie on your wedding now your like the rest of us settled down.well done.will you still b doing solo songs aswell bc my husband only ever listens to you. Patsy

- i just read this , i will be listening to heart all day on thursday thenn (: , im a huge take that fan and im  sooooo looking forward to the single  (: , im 14 <3 Chloe

Oooh I LOVE GARY BARLOW! Yes ofcourse Im excited lol, obbsessive Take That fan here! Couldnt live without them, Take That are my life. I love Robbie too but GARY GORGEOUS BARLOW! I really cant wait, literally. LOVE THEM! Sarah

I cannot get enough of Take That. I am obsessed with them.  I saw them in concert last year The Circus Tour Nothing and NO-ONE could top there shows.  Is very Happy That Robbie has joined Take That.  Cannot wait for the new album its officially on Pre-Order on Play.Com ;)!... I am officially a No1 Fan. Karris

- Aaaaaah!!!! Love you guys tooo muchhhhh. Haha its been killing me waiting for this. Hannah

- OMG i love Gary, i just cant wait for this song to be released, cant wait for there next tour xx Laura

- I CANT WAIT! I love Take That and Robbie, and Gary and Robbie are my favourite men ever, they are the best ever. Cant wait for their next tour, Im there without a doubt. I am an obbsessive fan no doubt about it, love them forever! Sarah

- Looking forward to hearing the single and watching the video.  I always knew that you would end up back together at some point, hope it all goes well.  Robbie I hope that you are going to continue with your solo career as you have a huge fan base and feel that there is some concern that you will no longer be a solo artist.  I will support you in whatever you do Robster because I think that you are amazing x x x x Sharon

- hey i was just wondering if you have anymore new songs to come out .. and congratulations on your marriage i would like to ask if you are goin to the isle of wight festival next year. Mary

- Can't wait to listen to the new single and watch the video!! I'll listen to the show.... I'm so curious to know what Gary and Robbie say about the full reunion! It's fantastic! I'm TT's fan since 90's and this news is so exciting for me! I love you Gary and Rob! I love Take That!! Daniela

I'm hoping it will be great - but I only like Robbie & am very wary of Gary!! Hope that Robbie gets the TT reunion over with & we get the Robster back. Good luck anyway Rob & Congrats on becoming a Hubby! XX  Leza

- Me and my twin are huge huge Take Thatter's and would love love love to know if this reunion is permanent, were so excited, cant wait for october the 4th xDxDxD, Love Shauna and Laura xx

- I'm really excited love gaz and robbie looking forward to the song and vid im sure it will be a big hit cause there both amazing singers love them Love Stace xxx

- i am a huge robbie and take that fan more robbie tho all tho i have to work on thursday i will listen at work. robbie and take that all the very best. take care x Tracy

- Really looking forward to the new single and the reunion next year with TT, please all carry on making great music! Helen

- Wow another twin TT fan!! I can't miss this as my twin, mum and I are huge Take That fans and this is going to brill - I always wished for a reunion...when is the new TT album out? Gemma and Yasmine

- I have been a Take That fan for 20 years, and have seen Robbie in concert 15 times and Take That around the same! Take That / Robbie have been such a huge part of my life for so long, I could not imagine a world without them, so my question is, what would Robbie and Gary be doing / working as if they never made it big with Take That? Rob - see you at the help for heroes gig! and CONGRATULATIONS! XXX Love to you both. Vicky

- It's a huge surprise! I'm so glad. I wish Robbie and Gary all the best. I would like to see all 5 on the same stage some day (on live) :) Aga