Robbie: First Pregnant Man?

Robbie Williams has revealed that he has been experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

The former Take That star has told The Sun newspaper that he suffered from morning sickness back-ache and weight gain during his wife, Ayda Field’s first trimester.

Robbie told The Sun that he gained weight. ‘If she was sick, I was’, he explains. ‘If she had bad mood, me too.’
‘I read about it and it says that sometimes husbands suffer same effects during the pregnancy as their wife.’

This is referred to as Couvade syndrome, which is a condition in where the man experiences some of the same symptoms and behavior of the expecting mother.

Robbie has previously shared his fears about his impending fatherhood but has admitted to The Sun his desire to have a bond with his daughter.
‘Right now I’m scared, but I want to build a relationship with her, I want to be there for her, I want to love her, I want it.’

Robbie and Ayda Field are expecting the birth of their daughter next month.