Robbie Williams' Wife Has Revealed The Hilarious Way He Avoids The Gym!

21 June 2017, 15:51

Robbie Williams Rock DJ

By Alice Westoby

Ayda Field revealed her husband's sneaky way of looking fab without his kit on!

Robbie Williams has been getting contouring spray tans!

The 'Party Like A Russian' singer is currently on tour and according to his wife Ayda Field he's struggled to find the time to hit the gym. So instead he has had muscles contoured on during his spray tans sessions - now we've never heard of that before!

She revealed: "Poor Rob, he's on tour right now. He's decided that he's going to tan his way through this tour because he can't work out. So he decided the more tanned he is, the thinner he feels. He's been getting spray tans. He gets the full contouring [effect]."

And the 38-year-old actress also recalled a hilarious situation when Robbie had just done his fake tan and felt the colour sweating off him so he rushed to the fan and started "flapping around like a bird" in front of it.


A post shared by Robbie Williams (@robbiewilliams) onJan 19, 2017 at 10:02am PST

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Spilling the beans today on ITV's Loose Women, she added: "So he got a spray tan right before the kids went off to bed and the heat is just rising in our house. So he was upstairs and he came downstairs in a panic and went, 'Babe get the kids, I'm sweating upstairs, I'm going to sweat the tan off, I can't - you need to read them their story'.

"He was flapping around like a bird and then he tried to lay on our nice white sheets and I was like, 'no no no don't do that!' So I had to get a towel out and he had to flap his wings in front of the Dyson."

The gossip has emerged shortly after after Robbie revealed he has had Botox.

He shared: "I've had Botox and some fillers and something done to my chin. And I really like it. With the last few albums I put out I looked on social media people were saying 'he's aged'. And I was like 'Yeah, I have'. I was tired, I had mental illness and stress and whatever was going on up there was coming out in my face. The truth of my mind was written on my face."

We think you look fab Robbie!