Robbie Williams still feels 16

The singer opens up about reconciling feeling like a teenager and being a father

Robbie has admitted that despite being 38, he still feels like a kid.

'Deep inside I'm still 16' he said to German GQ magazine 'A lot of my skills stayed exactly at that level when I started my career.

'From then on everything was looked after for me. I always had people around me who managed and provided everything for me'.

But things have changed for Williams. The star became a father for the first time in September, when wife Ayda Field gave birth to daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Williams.

'And now there is this thought of being a father' continued the singer 'I never had to take care of myself - and now all of a sudden I have to take care of a little human being.

'At the moment there are tough negotiations between my former and my current self' said Robbie

'That is confusing and scary. Because I'm still the eternal teenager' he concluded.