Ron is fan's favourite

A poll has found that Ron Weasley is the people's favourite character in Harry Potter.

Ron, played by Rupert Grint, beat Harry to first place in the recent top 10 poll.

On the other end of the scale Lord Voldemort, perhaps unsurprisingly, was voted as the least favourite Harry Potter character.

1,239 Britons took part in the questionnaire and were asked to pick their favourite and least favourite characters.

The results were as follows:

Pos. Character Percentage
1. Ron Weasley 16%
2. Sirius Black 15%
3. Harry Potter 12%
4. Hermione Granger 10%
Professor Dumbledore 9%
6. Hagrid 8%
7. Dobby 7%
8. Professor Snape 5%
9. Draco Malfoy 3%
10. Professor McGonagall 2%

People were also asked to give a reason for picking their favourite and 57% said Ron Weasley said it was because he was ‘funny’. When asked to vote for their least favourite character, Lord Voldemort topped the list with 24% of the votes:


The top five least favourite characters were:

Pos. Character Percentage
1. Lord Voldemort 24%
2. Bellatrix Lestrange 16%
3. Lucius Malfoy 13%
4. Dudley Dursley 9%
5. Fenrir Greyback 6%

The poll was conducted by myvouchercodes.