Rylan Clark-Neal Reveals Baby Hopes As He Talks Of His Stepson Being ‘Like His Own’

12 January 2018, 07:50

With husband Dan

The TV host opens up about wanting children.

Since marrying his partner Dan Clark-Neal, back in 2015, Rylan became stepdad to Dan’s now, 18 year old son, Cameron. 

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For Rylan, the new addition to his life appears to be nothing short of amazing, as after being asked how he’s handled being a stepfather, he explained: 

“Like a breeze. He has his mum as well but I love Cameron like he’s my own.

“He’s great and nearly 18. It’s just normal for him and me.” - Celebs Now reports.

He went on to explain how fortunate the pair are to share such a great bond, saying: “I’ve been lucky because it could have been tricky but he’s growing up to be a lovely young man.”

“He’s lucky to have me as well!”

Cameron was most recently pictured with Rylan and Dan in support of the Come Out For LGBT campaign, to which Dan captioned the image: “My son stands beside us in support of the #LGBT community. We all have a part to play, so #ComeOutForLGBT with us & @stonewalluk.” 

Meanwhile, speaking to The Metro about whether or not Rylan is looking to have his own children he explained: “I’d be over the moon but there’s no rush because we have a great life,” 

“I’d love to have kids one day but it’s not something I’m going to force.”

Aww, no doubt, the world would be a brighter place with a bunch of mini Rylan’s running around! 


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