Scarlet Johansson "Too sexy" for film role

Scarlett missed out on the main part in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' because director David Fincher said she was too sexy, instead choosing fellow American actress Rooney Mara.

Johansson auditioned to play the role of character Lisbeth Salander but it went to Rooney because the director felt she was more suitable for the role, explaining his choice with a bizarre analogy.

"Salander should be like E.T. If you put E.T. dolls out before anyone had seen the movie, they would say, 'What is this little squishy thing?' Well you know what? When he hides under the table and he grabs the Reese's Pieces, you love him. It has to be like that."

Fincher added to Vogue: "We saw some amazing people. Scarlett Johansson was great. It was a great audition, I'm telling you. But the thing with Scarlett is, you can't wait to take her clothes off."

Rooney will star alongside Bond actor Daniel Craig with the the first in Columbia Pictures' three-picture adaptation of Stieg Larsson's literary blockbuster The Millennium Trilogy.

The novels have sold 50 million copies in 46 countries and become a worldwide phenomenon, have a look at the trailer below...